Lessons learned from our very first Blessing of the Pets

Lessons learned from our very first Blessing of the Pets

We celebrate the amazing, first ever Blessing of the Pets service for our church family! As part of the Blessing Prayer, Pastor John proclaimed, “O God, your world is wonderful!” It was a holy time for people who usually attend different services, joining as one faith family to have their pets prayed for. We had over 100 people, at least 20 dogs (hard to count all those furry friends), AND one friendly bearded dragon (pictured). And yet, as Pastor Bryan began the sermon there was a noticeable hush and calm that came over the animals and people. It was as if Holy Spirit blessed all His creatures with abundant love. 

We come from all different breeds and backgrounds, yet the church is a place to grow into the person (and created order) God wants us to be. Everyone at RB Community is part of our faith family, and on this journey together. 

Last Fall, there was a display in the art gallery with testimonials about why people love this church:

  •  "Rooted in Christ, we do life together. Celebrating our joys…praying our hopes…comforting and encouraging in our trials"

  • "It is the community of people who help me remember that God’s love is shared when we meet together as believers."

  • "It is my safe place with wonderful Christian friends."

  • "We are blessed to have many ‘faith families’ which developed over the years from sharing joyful experiences together – all with the goal of spreading Jesus’ love. These faith family friends are eternal!"

O God, your world is wonderful! And you have blessed us with pets, and a faith family, that really do reflect your love for creation.

If you do not have a church home, this is a great one. Try any of our 6 worship services, then join our Senior Pastor on the first Sunday of the month over dinner - get to know us and see why so many love being in our family.